Account Types

Flexible account types give you the option of choosing a pricing model that best suits your trading style.


Deposit Amount-Min €10,000

Leverage-1: 400

EA Facilities Available-Yes

24 Hour Customer Service-Yes


Deposit Amount-Min €200

Leverage-1: 500

EA Facilities Available-No

24 Hour Customer Service-Yes


Deposit Amount-Min €200

Leverage-1: 400

EA Facilities Available-Yes

24 Hour Customer Service-Yes

Follow the steps to open live account.

To trade with our MT4 platform open live trading MT4 account.

Sign up / Register

You will find register or open account option on website. Just click on that and fill the form to open live MT4 account. Please remember the email and password that you have used for register. That will be used for login.

Login & Deposit

In second step, just click on login button from the menu and use the email and password that you have used while register. And go for the deposit in your MT4 account with provided payment options.

Download & Trade

Now, you can download MT4 terminal or mobile app and login with the provided MT4 account and password. And start trading with live account and symbols. You will get to access MT4 desktop terminal and mobile apps also.

Get Your Prefered Account

At FINANZA-INVEST, we provide different different types of accounts to choose from for your better trading. Please check our range of account types and its conditions. And choose from it to open your real MT4 account.


Know more about MT4 trading account here.

How can I open trading account?

Yes, you can use our signup form to register for traders room account. And your first MT4 trading account will be created with your traders room account. You will get Id and password of the trading account in your traders room dashboard.

How can I start trading with my MT4 account?

After opening MT4 account, you can download our MT4 desktop terminal from traders room it-self. You will get the listed MT4 accounts in MT4 account part in traders room. Just login with the credentials with you will get listed in your traders room and start trading.

Can I able to open multiple MT4 trading accounts?

Yes, you can. Your first MT4 trading account will be opened while you sign up for your traders room account. And after login to traders room account you will find the option for opening more than one MT4 account. You will also get list of your all MT4 accounts there.

Can I change leverage for my MT4 trading account?

Yes, you can. There are two ways to do it. You can directly tell your broker to change the leverage for particular account for you. And broker will do it by their side. And second method is you can request for leverage change from your traders room to broker to change leverage.

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